Thursday, 23 September 2010

7 years

It was 7 years ago today when I first took ill. It was a normal day woke up it was my day off work so I had a lie in. Did my house work and was feeling fine. Had planned to go to the pub for a drink with my friend Billy. I went to meet her out of Burger King where she worked. I went into the restaurant and she noticed I wasn't looking to good. She made me go to the bathroom. I collapsed on the floor and ended up in hospital.

While I was there they found out I had a brain hemorrhage. They managed to make me stable and I was air lifted to Nottingham Queens Medical Centre. I died twice in the helicopter. I have been told by my boss at the time that she came to see me in hospital and I told her I wouldn't be in work the next day.

After about 3 months in Nottingham I was brought back to Leicester. I spent several months in a normal ward then was transferred to the Leicester Younger Disabled Unit. I was in a wheel chair at this time and was unable to walk. Whilst at the YDU I learnt to walk again and had to visit different specialists such as the Psychologist and Speech Therapist.

The Neurologist said that it is ghley higly unlikley that I would ever work again. I was only 24 24 at time. Now I am trying to get my story across and try to help other people as well as myself. The Department of Works and Pensions have said despite the fact I have 2 tumours on the brain due to my Neurofibromatosis I am not disabled enough to get the higher rates. Because of my health problems no company would be able to employ me. This government would rather I lived in poverty so they can save some money. I have had comments like I am lazy and greedy. This comes from a person who grew up on benefits. .

I attended Headway Leicester for while after leaving hospital. They helped me to settle in a place of my home and send me on a couple of college course. They also helped me to get my benefits.

I try to do some volunteer work once a week at Christchurch in Leicester this is a lunch club for pensioners. This tires me out doing just 3-4 hours roughly. I wouldn't be able to manage a full time job. I also have had comments like I have the net and a phone I don't need them. As a disabled person a phone is essential to me in case I take ill and the net is the way I communicate with people and make new friends. What other people see as luxuries to the disabled person it is a necessity.


  1. Hi Simon, it is horrendous the way we are treated by the outside world and the people within it. When you find yourself permanently disabled you assume the Government will be there to help and people around you will understand, it turns out that neither of these statements are true! Righteous people need to live in our shoes and see how things they think are so insignificant are essential to us!

  2. Nikki because ive learnt to cope it makes me less disabled in the governments eyes if I didnt learn to cope I would be stuck in a They dont take in account I can never work again. They have reduced my housing benefit and council tax as well as I have to pay for prescriptions as I am only on incapcity and low DLA. If I was fit to work and chose not to I would get plenty of help. Yet because im in the situation I am I seem to be less important.

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  4. oh hell is this dribble still going on i say get of yer lazy ass u lazy so n so n stop posting abusive messages on my f ace bbook
    try doing yer a self a cv n start on by saying hi my names simon north i been pisswhinging for 3 yeasr i sit on the net all night i whinging cos i want more money i coplaased n died in helicopter 2 times butt hey im still here n guess wot every one i mae videos i sit all day on my comp the one that im saying i need to make new friends and i do songs i video my self dacing and singing but poor me i get tires at 3 hours n think oh dear david camron hurry up n take all his money from hin hes abenifit frausdter

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  6. I assume you have a well paid job tottles? I can see with your excellent grasp of the english language you are an highly intellegent woman.