Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I am again seeking legal adivce about my benefits. I have been told by several people including my own MP Sir Peter Soulsby, that they think that I should be on the higher rates. The DWP have said I am not able to work yet they are saying im not disabled enough to get the higher rates. I now have the support of my local councilor Ross Grant.

I dont choose to be disabled I dont think that anybody would. I would love to be able to go out and work again. That way I wouldnt get comments like im being greedy or lazy.

Most of my family go out and work and it seems that I am the only one not able to. I have to watch every single penny I get coming in. Sometimes my account gets overdrawn and my accoun accours charges.

The government are now going to cut benefits for people yet again. Will we be going back to Victorian times and having poor houses. Pick Pocketing is susposed to be illegal yet with the government cutting peoples money surely thats what they are doing? More people will be turning to crime to be able to live. Then again I suspose that people would be better off in prison. They would get 3 meals a day, no bills to pay and more human rights.

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