Friday, 9 October 2009


I had to post this today as I am extremely pissed off. I have received a letter saying that I owe £396 back payment of rent. The government have decided that even though they are giving me less money to live on I can afford to pay £18.50 a week rent.
This is on top of all my other bills as stated in previous blogs.
In there eyes I'm not disabled enough to get financial help. Yet I am not fit to work. Where is the logic in that.
As I have said before I have 2 brain tumours. What part of being fit to work is that? If I came of the boat not speaking a word of English I would have more rights. I would love to be able to go out and work but i'm physically not able to.
There are cases out there of people claiming money that they are not entitled to and get away with it. This government needs to sort them out first before penalising the rest of us.
When I was in hospital they thought I wouldn't live that long. I'm still here now but each day is a struggle. Some days I have good days, some are bad. Because I have learnt to adapt so I can manage in life. In the DWP I am less disabled.
The person in a wheel chair who still has all their faculties IE its only a problem with their legs, They can still work in an office yes. But there are people like me who have internal problems who get neglected.
The conservatives want to get people on incapacity off the sick and on to income support to save the government money if they get in would that include people like me?

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