Sunday, 6 September 2009


Last night I had a conversation, well I was given abuse by some woman.

She said that because the government have decided that I'm not entitled to the right rates in her opinion I'm not disabled. She seems to think that because I can type I can work.

If I was fit to work I would be by now. Its not that I don't contribute anything to society because I do. I volunteer at a lunch club for pensioners. I may not be able to contribute financially but I try to do my bit.
There is different types of disabilities out there, some people can go to work with some you cannot. Would people rather everyone worked and ended up even more sick and costing more long term?
Just because a person looks normal on the outside doesn't mean everything is ok on the inside. I have stated before that I have a brain injury. If did try to do a full time job I wouldn't last a week. When you pass a person in the street you don't know if they are disabled or not.
It frustrates me when people have the negative attitude against disabled people. Especially when they don't work themselves. I was dating someone after my brain injury and the girls mum told her she had to end it as I wasn't good enough cos I couldn't work. This was from a single mum who hadn't done a days work in her life.
Why should disabled people be treated like second class citizens?

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