Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Just because a person looks "normal" on the out side doesn't mean they are normal on the inside.I appear normal on the outside but on the inside is where the problems lie.

People with certain conditions get a raw deal. The government would rather get everyone into work to save money. They do not think about the long term. If like the government preferred, everyone worked it would cost them billions in hospital costs.

When I was fit and able to work the manager employed someone on a trial with downs syndrome. The company I worked at had n problem employing disabled people. I have been told by someone I can sit on my computer so henceforth I can get a job. If I worked now I would find it very hard. I do a bit of volunteer work now and I struggle after 3 hours. People say im just lazy but I have to work twice as hard as most people. That's what makes me tired.
I already feel useless that I have nothing to contribute, but when people snipe about it that hurts more. I would love to be able to make a difference to at least one persons life but I cant. I did want to try and do a degree just to prove to people I may be disabled but im not thick.
People think having a brain injury means that you have mental health problems. That is not always true. It sometimes means you have to try a lot harder to do basic things.

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