Thursday, 3 September 2009

Long Term Sick!

Im watching a programme on Channel 4 at the moment, about the government trying to get people on the sick back to work.
They are saying its not about what you cant do. It is about what you can do. With my condition as I have explained in an earlier post I am totally unfit to work.
Its ok getting people off the sick but if you are going to risk your health and cost the government more who wins.
Because of my tumours, it will be hard to find a company willing to take me on. Besides it would cost them a lot more to insure me. I get tired easy and cannot sit down for very long. I fall asleep sometimes in the afternoon round friends and families houses. I cannot drive because I have double vision and could black out at any time.
Im 30 and embarassed to tell people that I cannot (not wont) work . I know for the rest of my life I wont be working. I would love to be able to gain some self respect back and work.
There are people on the sick who are fit to work. Why should those who genuinely cannot work be treated like shit and looked on.
When I was a kid we had a neighbour who used to lift slabs and do his garden. Then when anyone official came to visit he started using his crutches to make himself look worse. Yes I can walk but slowly and really have to concentrate. Because I can walk very slowly, looks like they will try and make work.
I do try and do volunteer work but after 3 hours I'm exhausted. How would I be if I did a full weeks work? The government need to look at people who can work but don't work first.
Most people around my age have families now and are happy. Because I'm on benefits I don't think its fair for me to have a family for other people to pay.

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