Tuesday, 1 September 2009


They say good things happen to good people, BULLSHIT! Ive tried to be a good person all my life and my life is on a downward spiral. 
You quite often hear in the press about criminals, paedophiles and people like that winning the lottery and being set for life.  Why do you never hear about decent people having a good life.  Even though I am unable to work, I try and do some volunteer work. 
You get these criminals going out comitting crimes and even when they do go to prison its like a holiday camp.  Even in prison they have luxurys like Sky TV and cd players in their rooms.   The government say its in their human rights.   What about the human rights of the people they commit the crimes on? 
I may as well start going out to commit crimes.  I know that way I would have more human rights as a criminal.

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