Friday, 14 August 2009


I have a challenge.

I would like to see any of the british MPs live on £105 a week and see how they cope I don't choose to be in my situation I can never work again so only get incapacity and low rate DLA. Keith Vaz claimed that its necessary to claim £500 for 22 cushions. Yet they say you can manage on low incomes. They want shops to put the prices up for food as well to cut down waste.
What about people like me because I'm borderline, I'm only entitled to lower rates and I am now living in poverty. You will say he can afford the net and that's a luxury, but its a necessity to me and to a lot of disabled people. I am already isolated due to my disability and now my money has been cut I have become even more so.
Most of the friends I have left live in luxury. I don't care about luxury I just want to be able to live a little more comfortable. I will never be able to afford a decent holiday. I have to save up for a year just to go out for a couple of drinks now with friends. I'm losing friends because I am becoming more reclusive.
I'm 30 now and will never work again. Ive faced facts that I will never be able to buy my own property and I will never have children because I wont be able to provide for them. When there is so many people already living in poverty in this country why do we have an open door policy. There are 2.4 million people unemployed in this country. I am unfit to work with 2 brain tumours and people who are fit to work seem to get more help.
I don't want sympathy I just want to get on with my life. But with the government keep cutting my money crime seems the best way out my predicament.

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