Wednesday, 11 May 2011


There are many types of disability.  Just because a person doesnt look disabled doesnt mean that they are not. For some people every day is a struggle.  They have to work twice as hard just doing basic things compared to other people.

I know people with all different types of disability.  Some have mental health problems which are not visable. Some have had severe learning difficulties since they were at school.  They are still human and have feelings.

It seems children don't seem to care if a person is disabled.  They just want to get to know the person.  With the condition I have it causes me to have tumors on my skin.  A friends 6 year old child asked me "why are you so spotty?"  I replied it was because I was born that way.  She just said oh ok then and carried on playing. 

If as adults we were more accepting of others then our children would see that we are all different.  Learning to accept a person even though they are different to ourselves would make this world a better place.

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