Friday, 13 May 2011

Air Training Corps

This year the Air Training Corps celebrates its 70th anniversary,  The Air Training Corps (ATC) is a fantastic organisation.

When I joined the ATC I lacked self confidence and found it hard to make friends.  They taught me self respect and how to mix with other people.

I also learnt to do things that I wouldn't of staying at home watching TV.  Because I have co-ordination problems due to my NF I found it harder to do some of thing activities that we did.  The Squadron I was part of understood this and had patience with me,  I found it hard to learn to march in time with other people but finally mastered it. 

The ATC accepts all people of the right age Regardless of your abilities.  You get the chance to do things that are pretty amazing such as going flying, shooting, camping and learning to work as a team.  Not all teenagers are "thugs" some try to enjoy themselves by doing things like the ATC.

I managed to pass all my exams I took and managed to become a Staff Cadet.  I also got to the rank of Sargent.  When I was to old to be a cadet at the age of 20 I became a member of staff at the same unit.  Unfortunately work commitments took over and I couldn't commit any more.   The ATC will always hold great memories for me and I think anyone of age in the UK who gets the chance to join one of the squadrons should take the chance. 

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