Monday, 6 December 2010

More Stupidity

The Coalition Government plans to scrap DLA in favour of a new objective benefit called Personal Independence Payments and will include a medical assessment in order for a claimant to prove entitlement according to a public consultation paper into DLA reform.

So the attack on sick and disabled people is set to continue! Please share this frightening information with as many people and groups as possible so that a proper campaign against scrapping DLA can be coordinated. I can see these changes bringing out a huge number of people onto the streets in protest to show the government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

The full consultation can viewed and downloaded here;

The following comes from that said report;


We propose to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a new cash benefit – Personal Independence Payment – which will contribute to the extra costs of overcoming the barriers faced by disabled people to lead full and active lives.

The benefit will reflect changes in society, such as legislation. Disabled people are rightly not prepared to accept being restricted from playing an active part in society. We need a benefit that helps contribute to the extra costs of living independently, in a way that is right for each individual.

The benefit will continue to take account of the social model of disability. The assessment will be objective, reflect the impact of the barriers disabled people may experience, and make sure they are treated as individuals.

Central to Personal Independence Payment will be a new, fairer, objective assessment, which will allow us to identify those who face the greatest need, in a more consistent and transparent manner. We are developing the new assessment in collaboration with a group of independent specialists in health, social care and disability, including disabled people.

Personal Independence Payment will be based on need not income and will be a more active benefit, recognising changes to individuals’ situations and taking account of the support that disabled people can access to help them live independently. Where possible, we will signpost individuals to support that may help them manage their condition. We will ensure that the award continues to reflect the individual’s changing needs over time by building in periodic reviews.

The new benefit will be introduced in 2013/14, so there will be further opportunities to feed in views on how we might deliver it. We are already involving disabled people in developing the new benefit and will continue to do so.

We will introduce a Bill that will set out the high-level legal framework underpinning the new benefit, with the detailed requirements set out in secondary legislation.

Responses to this consultation will be used to inform secondary legislation on this detailed design, including the new assessment process. Where possible, and in particular on the new assessment, we will be publishing draft regulations during the passage of the Bill.


We want to be clear about what we propose will remain the same under the new system. We recognise that there are a number of features of DLA which many disabled people value, in particular the ability to spend the money in a range of ways to meet their personal circumstances. That is why Personal Independence Payment will remain an extra-costs benefit, providing cash support and allowing disabled people to spend the benefit in the way which best meets their individual needs.

The new benefit will not be means-tested or taxable, and payment will not depend on having paid National Insurance contributions. It will continue to be available to those who are in work, as well as those who are out of work.

Support will continue to be provided to children and adults up to the age of 65. Individuals who receive the benefit before reaching 65 may continue to receive Personal Independence Payment if their needs continue. We will keep the upper age limit for receiving the new benefit under review, given the changes being made to the State Pension age.

We will continue to support those in the most difficult circumstances by
maintaining special rules for people who are terminally ill. Claims submitted under these rules will be fast tracked to provide financial support as quickly as possible.


I can not stress the importance of getting this information to as many people as possible. If you run a group which has interests in protecting disabled people please copy this message and forward it on to others.

If you are a member of such a group or organisation please forward this message onto whoever runs the group or organisation or anyone else who may be interested.

This shocking treatment of disabled people can not be permitted to continue!

This I took from the facebook page Welfare Rights. With thanks to Steven Preece.

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