Sunday, 8 August 2010

Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraud is not big or clever. I have been accused by somebody of doing it myself. Because I can use a computer and talk in their eyes I am fit to work. I would like to them to find someone to employ me with my health problems.

There are people out there who have families as an excuse not work. If you cannot afford to keep a family in the first place don't have one.

Committing benefit fraud affects everyone. The genuine cases of people who need it are missing out and it is costing the taxpayer more. There has been reports recently of generations of the same family who haven't worked.

I would love to be able to work but unfortunately I cant. I'm not moaning about it but would love to able to do more.

I agree that those families that earn more than over £16k a year should not get family tax credit and child benefit. It needs to be there for people who really need it. If you can work then work if there is a job available. Don't expect to live in luxury on the state.

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