Saturday, 13 March 2010

Helping Other People

If a person has got something to offer no matter what the age of the person then they should do so. We can all learn new things from each other. I have been reading a 14 year old girls blog about her life with Neurofibromatosis.

Her blog is refreshing to have a younger persons view on the condition. I like to share information with as many people as possible. That's why I started this blog. If one persons views are changed by it then I'm happy. You can learn just as much from a young person than an adult.

I have been getting negative opinions about my disabilities. The people in question seem to make comments without doing any research of their own. If I make statements or say something I always research it first to make sure I have my facts right.

It is dangerous just to assume something is right in your eyes. If someone is going to comment on someones way of life, they should make sure they have the facts first. You can do more damage just speaking without thinking than just taking a moment to think before you speak.

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