Tuesday, 16 March 2010


This will be the first and only post on this subject.

I have 2 "women" obsessed with me. They seem to think they know everything about my way of life. They are claming that I am bullying them when I want nothing to do with them.

They both seem to find this blog funny. In their eyes im not disabled just lazy. I have asked them to research Disability before they pass judgement. The response that I get is go away little boy. Hard to believe they are mothers in their 40s

Because I have experience in things and pass it on to younger people I am a pervert. They are the ones who try to add me and my friends on facebook to get pictures of me. They give out my secondary email to strangers and post my pictures on blogs.

I had no contact with them for over a month and they keep coming to my blog and taking what I put on it and putting it on their own and calling me "thick". I have a twitter account and had to change the name to stop them reading it. Yet they find it even though I have blocked them and keep calling me for what I put on it.

If anyone has got any advice feel free to contact me.

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  1. It's sounds like these women are seriously lacking attention from somewhere in there lives...and they are trying to get it from doing this to you.
    Ignore it. Don't respond to it. In fact don't visit their blogs. They want to get a response from you Simon...don't ever give it to them.
    Sooner or later....they will choose to grow up, and move on.