Monday, 9 November 2009

Job Centre

I visited the job centre today. I had a look at the available jobs. There is nothing suitable what so ever for me. When you apply for a job legally you have to tell them of any risks that you would be to the company.
Companies cannot refuse you employment because you are disabled. But with my health there are not many jobs I can do.
I would need to be happy in a job that I did. What is the point of doing a job if it makes you unhappy? If I wasn't happy in the job, surely that would make me even more ill.
I am already starting to get stressed about money. Yes I have the net but that is not a luxury to me its a necessary. A lot of people with disabilities find the net is good for them to communicate with the outside world.
I recently went for a night out. This was my first in about 8 months and I had to save for that. Most people of my age are out nearly every weekend if they don't have families.
I know the content of my blogs is random but when I have things running through my head I just need to put them down

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