Thursday, 20 August 2009

When you look in the mirror
What do you see
Do you see a waste of space
Or the man I could be

Yes I have no purpose
I sit bored every day
Because I cannot work
Well so the dr does say

That short poem I wrote is basically how im feeling. I shouldnt I know but when you cannot contribute anything to life, you start to feel useless.

Disabled people are not useless. A lot of people with disabilities have things to offer. Just because a person has got limitations or its not safe for them to work they might have skills other people dont.

Dont stare at a person because they look different. Ask them questions. Most disabled people dont mind questions. It educates people. That way it makes people more tollerant of others.

My home town of leicester recently hosted the special olympics. The visitors were all welcomed with open arms. This was plesantly surprising.

No 2 people on this planet are the same so treat everyone as a human being.

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