Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I'm gonna start blogging here about living with a disability. In September 2003 I had a brain haemorrhage When they did an MRI scan they found that I had 2 brain tumours. I can never work again because of this.
Last year I had to reapply for disability living allowance. I had this rejected. I went to Community Legal Advice in Leicester, they managed to get me the lower rates. I need the rates I was on before to manage to live. I was on middle rate care and high rate mobility.
Because of this I lose my income support and I'm just on low rate DLA and incapacity. This means they expect me to pay council tax some rent and for my prescriptions. This is unfair.
If I was an asylum seeker or committed crimes I would be treated better than I do now. Because I can walk but slowly and I have learnt to adapt I'm worse off.
It makes a man want to go out and get himself arrested just so he has more rights.
Just because a person learns to adjust there way of life so they cope it doesn't make them any less disabled. People will tell me to get a job, but would it be better of that I worked and ended up in hospital costing more. Or paying me that little bit more just so I could survive.

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