Friday, 23 July 2010


Again I reapplied for Disability Living Allowance at the middle rates. Again I have been turned down. In basic terms because I have coping methods it makes me less disabled. They don't take into account I can never work again.

I have also lost some of my housing and council tax benefit. They seem to let Asylum seekers have no trouble having money, yet people who have lived in the country all their lives get shafted. In London an asylum seeker gets paid £2000 a week in housing benefit, after being moved from a house only costing £800 a week housing benefit because she didn't like the area. I am not a racist but they need to think about the people in this country who need help first before helping others.

There is people who get high rate disability for having an addiction or just being depressed. If they have an addiction surely giving them more money gives them more money to spend on it. If someone is depressed, they should go out and get a job perhaps that would stop them feeling so depressed.

I have been told by people to stop complaining and be grateful for for what I get. If I could work I would are they or anybody out there, willing to find me a job that I can do for 3 hours a week for a full weeks wages then I would work.

I read in a news paper about a war hero who lost a leg. He has been told hes not entitled to some benefits. This is completely wrong. He was fighting for our freedom he deserves all the help he can get.

This government and the last seem to think if you can cope your not entitled to help. It needs sorting!


  1. Hi Simon, i came across your blog a while ago and find it a very interesting and educational read, and find many of your points to be rational and well thought out.

    however, some people with depression are so severely afflicted they are unable to function for big periods of time. Its a misconception that people with depression can just go back to work in order to feel better.

    As someone with severe clinical depression i often cant bare to move from room to room in my home, and this isn't unusual amongst those with the more serious end of depression.

    agoraphobia and severe anxiety often go hand in hand with depression, and i find it distressing how a lot of people have this misconception.

    Like you, a lot of us would love to work again, but unfortunately very few employers understand Mental distress and disorders

    There are lots of types of disability, as i am sure you are aware. i applaud your attitude and willingness to try and get people to understand your condition, as lots of us do ours.

    i am not trying to draw comparisons here, just trying to say that mental health conditions are misunderstood as it is.

    Cheers, and keep up the excellent blog.

  2. Anon thankyou for your comment I welcome all comments. I started this blog as I was getting peed off with the fact that the govenment say even though I have 2 brain tumours and can never work again, I am less disabled. I feel if I went out I went out and committed crimes I would be better off. Do they want people to turn into criminals?

  3. Hello again. Yes, i read your blog with great interest, and i feel, from your reply, my last post may have made you think that i didn't try to appreciate your motivation for starting your blog.

    I am not surprised you find the Governments attitude distressing, and it makes you angry, and I agree the Governments approach is wrong. i cannot pretend that i understand what you are going through as i don't have to deal with the same disability.

    When i said i appreciated the rationality of your posts, i meant despite your anger, it was very well put, and i felt the posts i read to be challenging of negative perspectives towards your condition.

    Sorry again for any misunderstanding. I was just passing through.

    Take care.