Sunday, 28 February 2010

Benefit Changes

Following recent releases from the Government and the DWP it has become clear that they intend on making it far more difficult to successfully claim Income Related Benefit's.

This will be partly done by forcing sick and disabled people back into work by working out exactly what they believe those people would be capable of doing. Many Welfare and Disabled charities have shown contempt and dread at these prospect's pointing out that sick and disabled people in the work place poses a real risk of injury to both themselves and others. Not to mention the probability that forcing such people back to work to early, or when they are clearly unable, will only aggravate their conditions causing them to go back onto sick and disabled benefit's; if they can get them.

So what happen's if they can't? It's simple really; they will simply plunge even further into poverty, possibly losing their homes and maybe even loved one's because of the mental and financial stress it would put on the family structure. Either that, or they will have to work, making their health even worse and possibly end up in an early grave. I could be critical and say that the Government would welcome this because of saving's to the NHS and the Welfare System, but then that could get me in trouble, lol. But this is how it comes across. A kind of discreet Social Genocide, and if any Government personal are reading this don't bother suing because I ain't got nothing, lol. Unfortunately it looks as if it won't matter which party is in power after the election as both major parties look set to cut welfare and reduce the number of people claiming them.

Britain has the highest rate of Sick and Disabled benefit claimant's in Europe but maybe they should start looking at the reason's behind this. It is not necessarily down to people being "work shy", but more to do with the poor quality of living standard's in many communities like overcrowding or housing that poses a health hazard to their occupant's. This is the link to crime too! Instead of throwing money at constant welfare research and reform they should pump it into improving the quality of living for so many of Britain's citizens. Only this can improve people's health, where applicable, and will eventually bare fruit in the form of less people off work sick and improved life for all. Those saving's could then be put into improving the lives of disabled people by providing better services and standard of care as well as making the job of carer's much easier.

The problem is those in a position of power have mostly lived a financially stable life and have never had to learn how to live on nothing. Program's life "Tower Block of Commons" on channel 4 have tried to address this matter and in my own personal opinion, very successfully. Politicians who have volunteered to participate in the program have finally seen just how difficult it is to live of state benefit's and are also beginning to realise that the majority of those people DO NOT do so through laziness or simply to get some "free" cash. Of course there are those who choose not to work but they are in the minority and at a time when unemployed people out number available job's by as much as 10 to 1, it is both irresponsible and unfair to label unemployed people in such a manner. If you haven't yet seen this program on channel 4 I would definitely recommend it. You can view the episodes here;

So let's see where some of that wasted money is going. The following research probably cost the tax payer more than your average sick or disabled person per year, and show's how the Government and the DWP see falling number's in those claiming Income Related benefit's. One of the most frightening of which is the one on Pension Credit. If they think our mature citizens will not be claiming the money on which they depend, just where exactly will it be coming from. You surely can't expect these people to work,....can you?!

With thanks to Steven Preece for sending this to me.

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