Sunday, 31 January 2010


Headway is a fantastic organization.  When I first had my brain haemorrhage they came to see me in hospital.  They offered great support to me and my family.    I was visited in hospital by one of their staff Sue Hannam.  She helped me to get Disability Allowance forms filled and gave me the opportunity to do different things.

After I left the hospital I attended Headway House 1 day a week.  They encouraged me to try new things and teach me basic skills like cooking and craft.  They also help people build up their confidence.  There is different types of brain injury and some people are worse than others. 

I met many different people during my time there.  Each one of them has something to give to society.  It helped me to learn to accept people for who they are.  Headway provides a range of staff and volunteers who all have different skills. 

They encourage people to try new things and to try to do things for themselves.  This is good as it helps people to regain their independence. 

Headway send some of the clients to college courses in partnership with local colleges.  This is very successful and again gets people to meet others.  I did courses myself on cooking how independent living and one where we went out to different places each week.  This was a help to me and stopped me becoming isolated. 

When my time came for me to leave Headway House.  I was appointed an outreach worker Padma Ram.  Again she helped me to fill in forms and help me find some volunteer work which I still continue to do.  They also offer support in taking you to appointments and explaining things to you that you are having difficulties in understanding. 

Headway signed me off their books as I was managing on my own.  Recently they have got back in touch and they will be coming to see me again with a new worker Nicola Rowe.  They said that even though I am coping I could do with a little more support. 

I am really thankfull for the support they have given me an will do so in the future.  Headway see their clients with brain injuries as human and treat them with dignity. 

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  1. Fantastic Blog Simon! I am so glad that you found the resources and support you needed and still need to recover from your brain hemorrhage. Keeping in touch with others (not just on facebook) is soooo important. It is never good to isolate. I am glad that you are able to reach out to others as so many others are not able to and sit alone in their houses/apartments when they could be getting the help they need. Keep on reaching out and thus helping helping others. :)