Tuesday, 24 November 2009

More Prejudice

One of my previous posts has been taken from my blog and disected. I have copied it below and will add the link so you can see its not edited. I will give my comments to it afterwards.

moaning bully

i read something today that my internet bully wrote an i found it very funny to read how he moaning about being disabled .. here is what he said ..

"I visited the job centre today. I had a look at the available jobs. There is nothing suitable what so ever for me. When you apply for a job legally you have to tell them of any risks that you would be to the company.

Companies cannot refuse you employment because you are disabled. But with my health there are not many jobs I can do.

I would need to be happy in a job that I did. What is the point of doing a job if it makes you unhappy? If I wasn't happy in the job, surely that would make me even more ill. "

now i do fine what he said very funny .. cause he is not really wanting a job.... if he did he would try harder for a job.. an if i was in debt of £360 something with the conical i would take any job i could get.. to get out of that deft ...if you are that stressed i would suggest that u take anything u can get an stop complain about what u are not getting

"I am already starting to get stressed about money. Yes I have the net but that is not a luxury to me its a necessary. A lot of people with disabilities find the net is good for them to communicate with the outside world. "

well let me say this about the net an you .. if u are that stressed are u worried about being caught out being a bully what u get off on bullying 2 woman in over 2 years .. dose that give u a hard on simon north .. it must cause if your that horny why not talk to your mate dave.. he know all the porn an dating sites.. he can hook u up with a woman ...

if u can sit on a chat site for hour at a time or on the pc bullying i think u can get a job sitting down...

"I recently went for a night out. This was my first in about 8 months and I had to save for that. Most people of my age are out nearly every weekend if they don't have families. "

well simon north .. u truly do have a lot of crap u say ... now this is out right lie cause u went out on not to long ago .. as u have bragged about it ....

"I know the content of my blogs is random but when I have things running through my head I just need to put them down"

well simon north all i can say to u is wake up u was found fit your doctor an the medcail... stop moaning about how u are not being treated right .. there is many thing u can do out there .. stop being picky an take what u can get.....

an u plast all over the internet " why work when the govement pay me not to "

Here is the link.

This person and others see that if a person looks normal on the outside they are lazy and fit to work.

If she spent one afteroon in a Headway she would see this is not the case. I have to concetrate really hard to do normal things and it makes me very tired. She said that I should stop being picky would she rather i did job that would make me even more ill? She doesnt work herself yet she feels she has the right to preach about other peoples situations.

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